Private Gliders

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These are gliders that are owned and flown by members of our club:


The DG-600M is a self-launching 15m glider manufactured by Glaser-Dirks as a successor to the DG-202 and DG-400 series of gliders where carbon fibre reinforced plastics was used. It features a more slender tailboom and incorporates a tailfin ballast tank with a capacity of 7 litres. The design of the canopy and the instrument panel is practically the same as on other DG gliders. The control surfaces incorporate flaperons and wing extensions increase the wingspan to 18m.

 DG600M (ZS-GYZ)

Glasflugel BS-1 (ZS-GHE)

The BS-1 was designed and built in 1962 to the order for a South African soaring pilot and industrialist. The BS-1 has camber-changing flaps, airbrakes, a retractable main wheel and a tail chute. The glider is manufactured from fibreglass and has an 18m wingspan. It has an L/D of 44:1 at 95 kph with a minimum sink rate of 0.54 m/s.


Grob G102 Single Astir (ZS-GOH)

The G102 Astir is a single seat glassfibre standard class glider first built by Grob Aircraft in 1977. The G102 features a T-tail and a fixed under carriage. Best glide is 37:1 at 93 kph and its minimum sink rate is 0.62 m/s at 76 kph.

 Astir G102 (ZS-GOH)

H101 Salto (ZS-GHY)

The Salto is a fully aerobatic fibreglass glider that first flew in 1970. It employs the Standard Libelleís wing shortened at the root to produce a wingspan of just 13.6m. It is fitted with trailing edge dive brakes, as opposed to the more conventionally-sited air brakes, and employs a tail parachute for approach control. The fuselage has a fixed/faired wheel with a V-tail. First produced by Start + Flug GmbH Saulgau it has an L/D of 34:1 at 94 kph and a minimum sink rate of 0.70 m/s.

 Salto (ZS-GHY)

Scheibe SF-25 Falke (ZS-GVP and ZS-SGY)

The Scheibe SF-25 Falke is a touring motor glider developed by Scheibe Flugzeugbau. Often know as a Motor Falke, it features side by side seating and first flew in 1963. The Motor Falke is available in many different variants with many different engine configurations and is still in production. Itís wingspan is 15.33m, has a L/D of 22:1 and a minimum sink rate of 1.0 m/s.
SF-25A Motor Falke - First production batch with a Hirth F12A12C engine, 56 built.
SF-25B Falke - Improved variant with lower wing position and a 45hp Stark Stamo engine, 372 built.
SF-25C Falke - Same as a SF-25B but with a Limbach 1700A engine and an electric starter, 512 built.
SF-25CS Falke - A SF-25C with a feathering propeller.
SF-25D Falke - SF-25B converted with a Limbach 1700A engine.
SF-25E Super Falke - A SF-25CS with extended wing, a narrow-chord vertical tail. air brakes and a raised bubble canopy, first flown in 1974.
SF-25K K-Falke - A SF-25C with folding wings and large canopy.

 Falke SF-25E (ZS-GVP)

Falke SF-25B (ZS-SGY)

Schleicher ASW-17 (ZS-GRK and ZS-GKV)

The ASW-17 was the second of Gerhard Waibels open class designs. Aluminium double segment airbrakes make for much easier approach and landing. The four-piece wing, only 4.5 inches deep at the root, has provision for up to 100 kg of water ballast and a four-setting flap/aileron system in which the ailerons droop with the flaps. The glider has a 20m fibreglass-balsa sandwich wing and a fibreglass-honeycomb monocoque fuselage. The ASW-17 has a quoted L/D of 48:1 at 100 kph and a minimum sink rate of 0.50 m/s.


Schleicher ASW-20F (ZS-GNO and ZS-GNT)

The ASW-20 first flew in 1977 and was designed for the 15 m racing class. It features trailing edge flaps which interconnect with the ailerons and allowing the entire trailing edge to operate as a flap. The flaps also act as ailerons, but deflect only half of the aileron amount. It features Schempp-Hirth type airbrakes on the upper wing surface only and water bags in the wings for water ballast. The ASW20F was built in France under license by Centrair. The glider has an L/D of 43:1 at 95 kph and a minimum sink of 0.59 m/s.



Slingsby T.41 Skylark 2 (ZS-GDU)

The Skylark 2 first flew in 1953. It is a high-wing cantilever monoplane with a three piece wing incorporating top and bottom surface Schempp-Hirth type airbrakes for approach control. The Skylark 2 is constructed from spruce, a type of wood, and plywood. The glider has an L/D of 30:1 and has a wingspan of 14.63m.


Stemme S-10 (ZS-GSW)

The S-10 is a self-launching sailplane with a unique folding propeller that is stowed inside the front nosecone. It is powered by a Limbach 2000 engine and has an electrically retractable undercarriage. It features side by side seating for two people and the cockpit has a carbon fibre shell and is kevlar-lined for impact safety. A central steel tube framework serves as the mounting for the wings (23m wingspan), undercarriage and fixed engine. The S-10 has a maximum L/D of 50:1 at 106 kph and a minimum sink rate of 0.57 m/s.

 Stemme S10 (ZS-GSW)

Urbanair UFM-13 Lambada (ZS-GZR)

The Lambada was designed primarily as a touring motor glider and with its Rotax 912U (100hp) engine has excellent performance. It features a fixed undercarriage, one-piece elevator and upper surface Schemp-Hirth spoilers. Standard wingspan is 13 m, but is extendable to 14.9 m with wingtip extensions. The design construction features laminated carbon fibre, aramid and glass fibre layers. The L/D is 26:1 at 126 kph (and with wing extensions 30:1 at 113 kph).  Minimum sink is 1.05 m/s.

 Lambada (ZS-GZR)

Whisper Motor Glider (ZU-EOY)

The Whisper motor glider combines graceful lines, ease of operation and staggering efficiency. The Whisper is equally at home soaring in rising air as a glider, or motoring long distances as a touring aircraft and was designed in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The Whisper is a fully composite (fibreglass) design with a 16m wingspan and can only be purchased as a kit plane. It has a maximum L/D of 28:1 at 105 kph with a minimum sink rate is 0.9 m/s at 80 kph.

 Whisper (ZU-EOY)

Zugvogel 3A (ZS-GFJ)

The Zugvogel was designed as a simple open class ship with dive brakes and a simple assembly. Manufacturer by Scheibe, this glider has 17m wooden wings, a wood/fabric tail with a steel-tube/fabric fuselage and a fibreglass nose covering. The best L/D is 37:1 at 93 kph and has a minimum sink rate of 0.61 m/s.

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