Club Fleet

Astir G102 Jeans

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ZS-GLH : Grob G102 Astir Jeans

The Astir Jeans was of similar configuration to the CS 77, but with fixed wheel located ahead of the center of gravity, and a tailskid. This was followed by the Club II with similar fixed gear.

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Twin Astir

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ZS-GPZ : Grob G 103 Twin Astir

The Twin Astir was a two-seat development of the standard class Astir CS (Single Astir). The gear retracts by folding up to the left and lying horizontally under the rear seat.

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Motor Falke

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ZS-GZA : Scheibe SF-25C Motor Falke

The self-launching SF-25C Falke features side-by-side seating for two, spoilers, a steerable tail wheel and wing outrigger wheels for taxiing.

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