Rieti WGC - Day 9

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Report by: Janine 

After much delay and a touch of indecision, the planes were eventually launched and Andrew started his task a while ago.

Yesterday was a really tough day – it was mostly blue skies. There were many outlandings yesterday but once again 67’s crew was lucky and the bird came home.

Today it is all blue skies. I did see a small cumulus making an appearance on top of Terminillo, the highest peak one can see from Rieti, but from where I sitting now at the airfield restaurant, it clearly never got the opportunity to grow up and become a Big Cumulus. The skies are very clear in terms of haze so there is also very little moisture in the air.

Last night we went out for supper and were treated to a real full Italian menu. Fortunately I don’t live in Italy permanently because if I did I would be a really big crew member.

Andrew has started and now we do what we do every day – we wait and hold thumbs.

Well, we are all in good spirits but maybe I speak for myself here, I could do with a good sleep marathon or two.
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