Rieti WGC - Day 7

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Report by: Janine 

A quick one because the laptop's battery is about to fizzle and die!

Rest day was good - after saying Auf Wiedersehen to Sabine at the bus station, we drove down south and went to the Sabina olive oil boutique. Sabine and Conrad had been there previously and highly recommended it. So Conrad patiently played taxi and tourist guide and took us to go and have a look and a taste too. Put it this way, olive oil will never again be just olive oil.

I think the rest day was much needed by each and every one of us, crews, pilots, organisers, the whole lot. The vibe on the airfield all over was friendly and happy.

Well, our boys are in the air on a day when the organisers weren't too sure what the weather was going to do. There is a strong wind from the south/south west (if I am not mistaken) which means our boys are coming home with a head wind.

Team Echo X-Ray and Team 67 had two motivated, focused pilots on the grid this morning. So, hold thumbs and keep up with the support, it isn't going to waste.

Oh, PS...

We had a South African braai at our Italian 'villa.' Italian boerie is almost as nice as South African boerie.
It was good to have a taste of home.
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