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What is gliding?

Gliding, also known as soaring, is a recreational activity and competitive sport where individuals fly un-powered aeroplanes known as gliders or sailplanes. Most gliders seat one person, while training gliders can accommodate two people. Some gliders, known as touring motor gliders, use an engine and propeller combination for take off and touring purposes.

Modern gliders can fly at speeds in excess of 280 km/h, stay airborne for over 8 hours, cover distances of over 1000 kilometres and fly at altitudes of 20,000 feet and more.



Victoria West Gliding Camp 2012
Danie, Sigmund and Gavin (pictured below) joined the Cape Gliding Club during the annual Victoria West Gliding Camp held during the first week of December. The camp has a pleasant relaxed atmosphere where passionate glider pilots utilise the fantastic Karoo gliding weather. Although this year’s weather did not compare as favourably as with previous years, all the gliders stayed airborne for most of the day and some good distance flights were flown.
2012 Wave Camp

One of our members, Gavin Stephens with his DG600M, attended this year’s annual Wave Camp during the winter at El Mirrador in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Here he had a chance to soar the mighty Drakensberg Mountains where both ridge and wave lift was to be found, along with some good thermals.

The camp was held from 4 to 19 August 2012 and the conditions were not for the faint hearted, or in experienced, with temperatures down to -20C at altitude, 100 kph winds and strong rotor along with rugged baron mountains.

The pictures below are Gavin flying along with Martin Lessle in his Duo Discus as part of Gavin’s introduction to the area.

Martin and Gavin near Caithkin Peak

Stamp Flight
Photos of Gavin Stephens and his DG600M participating in a Glider Mail Flight and landing and delivering postage stamps at Progress Airfield, Eastern Cape, on 13 October 2012.

Gavin took delivery of the 200 stamps at the Uitenhage Airfield (home to EPGC) and then self-launched his DG600M flying to the Progress Airfield located 16km south of Uitenhage and underneath the Port Elizabeth TMA.

When he was within gliding range of Progress he turned off the engine and landed. The stamps were then handed over to Dave Brown and then Gavin self-launched and headed back to Uitenhage.